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Danzy Senna

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Caucasia Summary

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Birdie and Cole's compound. The extraordinary national bestseller that launched Danzy Senna’s literary career, Caucasia is a modern classic, at once a powerful coming of age story and a groundbreaking work on identity and race in Reviews: Danzy Senna's first novel, Caucasia, was the winner of the Book-of-the-Month Club's Stephen Crane Award for First Fiction and an American Library Association Alex Award/5().

Danzy Senna’s first novel, the bestselling Caucasia, won the Stephen Crane Award for Best New Fiction and the American Library Association’s Alex Award, was a finalist for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, and has been translated into nearly a dozen languages.

Danzy Senna’s first novel, Caucasia (), is a coming-of-age story about a girl named Birdie with a black academic father and a white mother who is the estranged descendant of a prominent Bostonian family.

The story follows the highly problematic construction of the young girl’s identity after being separated from her sister and black. Danzy Senna is the author of five critically acclaimed books of fiction and nonfiction.

Her first novel, Caucasia, won the Book of the Month Award for First Fiction and.

Danzy Senna

Danzy Senna's first novel, Caucasia, is a story of traumatic dislocation, disorientation, and confused ethnic identity, set in s and 80s Boston and intermittently in other places.4/5.

Danzy senna caucasia
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