Sanlam business plan

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Finalising Section 14 transfers

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easiest to use and straightforward product on the market and based it on the same principles that our business was founded on 17 years ago.

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To assist business owners in drawing up a business game plan, he urges them to access the free on-line Sanlam Annual Business Game Plan for Success e-book.

It offers a simple framework for a well-crafted plan for positive change and business. Business Owners Be certain of your business’ financial well-being despite life’s uncertainties.

Sanlam offers a comprehensive range of solutions to assist you, the start-up entrepreneur, the business owner and the self-employed professional. In the unfortunate event of a death, our simple claims process will take care of your policy payout quickly and efficiently, leaving you and your family free to focus on the funeral arrangements.

Welcome to Sanlam Intelligence. This is your portal to the latest news on a variety of topics that feature prominently in a financial adviser’s life. it has offices throughout South Africa and business interests elsewhere in Africa, Europe, India, USA and Australia This brochure was developed to provide a brief description of the terms and features of the Sanlam Global Investment Plan, plea se read the investment option.

Sanlam business plan
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Sanlam banks on low-income segment for growth